At number 40 Calle Conde Noñora; Ismael Perez and Rosenda Alcaide, our parents, began regentando a horchatería mid-1969, with the name "Horchata Castalia".

During the same year, production and distribution of artisan horchata other restaurateurs sites under the name of "Horchata Ima" began.

Ismael Perez









In 1980 the family business to the Capuchin Avenue where my sister still moves Immaculate Perez runs a horchatería to the horchata and herself given name.

There you can enjoy our precious liquid ...












Manufacture and sale coexisted until I moved with the passage of time, to a more consistent production and volume we drove location.

In the wharehouse 8 of 11 peri polygon you can find me now doing slush, water barley and of course, with the same quality and involvement in 1969, horchata for the entire province of Castellón.